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Our world and planet are in crisis. From climate change and inequality to unchecked Artificial Intelligence and pandemic risks, we face a global polycrisis that poses existential threats to humanity. Philanthropic organisations can lead, support and enable change but to rise to the challenge we need to transform ourselves, our practices, and our institutions.

The Philanthropy Transformation Initiative (PTI) is a collaborative effort to bring together principles, resources and stories from across the globe and build a movement for transforming philanthropy so that it can achieve its full potential. The Philanthropy Transformation Initiative Report, one of the milestones of this initiative, is out now. Read it here.

Case studies

In order to harness our collective intelligence, we are gathering case studies that highlight best practices, ideas, reflections and research from across the sector and that will encourage capacity-building, collaboration and support. We welcome contributions from organisations around the world.

The 10 principles

Philanthropy practitioners, institutions and the sector at large are questioning themselves and their practices, continuing to learn and exchange ideas on how they can do better. The transformation agenda is the result of an ongoing quest to be better and do better. To help clarify what that means in practice, we have identified ten key principles to guide philanthropy’s transformation.


The Philanthropy Transformation Initiative is a collective effort that brings together philanthropy’s collective intelligence, insights and wisdom. It reflects and builds on a great number of debates, reports, guides, tools, and practices that our members and partners have developed in their respective spheres of influence.

Below you can find resources from across the world, from a variety of types of philanthropies and on a huge diversity of issues. We will constantly update these resources and welcome your contributions.

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Share your story of transformation

In order to harness our collective intelligence, we are gathering stories of transformation that highlight your organisation’s implementation of one or more of the 10 principles of transformation. Please share your story with us. We will review your submission and contact you to discuss it further.

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